2019 01 26 India Republic Day

What a beautiful morning on such a beautiful day in Indian history. Once again I would like to welcome you all on this auspicious day. Today we all are assembled here to celebrate 70th Republic Day of India. So, can anyone tell me why do we celebrate republic day?

Indian constitution assembly adopted the the constitution of India and it came into effect on 26 January 1950. India became complete independent republic on this day so we celebrate it as Republic Day of India. The main program of republic day is celebrate in New Delhi, at Rajpath with the presence of President of India. Mainly the cultures from all the states of India are shown in a form of rally. Also the defence forces of India like army, navy and air force make parade which is organised by Ministry of Defence. This parade shows the power of Indian Defence system.


Republic Day was a great achievement in the Indian history. We have implement properly and make use of this opportunity to be a republic because it gave you several rights and freedom. It always seems impossible until you try it, so start today. With this encouraging words I would like to stop here. All the best.

Thank You, Jai Hind